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I have been using Bartender for several months now and it is great. What I am have trouble with, is getting a dropdown list to populate with different options depending on the numbers entered into a text box above it.

For example, if the operator enters 1234 into the text input box, the options in the dropdown list will be A,B,C and D. If the operator enters 5678, then the options in the dropdown will change to E,F,G and H.

Is there a script I can write into the List Items script that will do this? I guess it would be a bit like a Select Case statement.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



Ian Cummings
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No this is not possible currently. The reason why this is because we don't yet support an VB script event for OnDataChange or OnLoseFocus which would allow us to modify the data source of any given form control when the data in another is changed. This is in our wish list for a future release.

The alternative is to make your user input form as a front-end application using VB.NET and control BarTender via automation to set data on the label and print. More information on this can be found in the below white papers:



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