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How do I use the drop-down list to set today plus seven days, plus 14 days


Suppose today is December 4, 2013
For example: I tap seven days> print out the value of December 11, 2013
I tap 14 days> Print out is December 18, 2013



Ian Einman
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This is possible in 10.1, not so easy in older versions.


First, create a named data source over in the Data Sources pane, by right-clicking the Named Data Sources node.  Call it something like "OffsetInDays".  Set the value of it to 0.


Next, create your text object and give it a Clock data source.  Set up the formatting of the date however you want it.


Now go to the Transforms tab and modify the Offset transform.  Set the offset source to Named Data Source, set units to Days, and choose the "OffsetInDays" data source that you created previously.


Now on the data entry form, add a dropdown list.  Give it values of 7 and 14.  (If you want to display something like One Week, Two Weeks instead, just uncheck "Use same values for Display Text and Data Sources", and enter 7 and 14 for the Data Source Value, and whatever you want for the display text.)


Last, go to the Linked Data Source and set it to "OffsetInDays".


It is possible in older versions but you have to use VB Script and create some offscreen label objects.  It isn't worth the time to explain it if you can just use the latest version where it is fairly easy.

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