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I am trying to create a label that has some header information which is retrieved from a database connection via DB Query and some line information that is manually input by the user.  So far everything I have described is part of a template that is designed and in use already.

My problem is that I would like to add a barcode that contains multiple data sources.  Again this is all doable except that one of the data sources is a lookup value based upon the line value of the detail record, each detail record will have a different line number and different barcode.

I need to be able to write a VBScript that will execute the below SQL statement.  I will end up using this for each of the 5 detail records by only changing which text field is used for the SalesLine.LineNum record.

Select SalesLine.CustomerLinenum FROM SALESLINE




CUSTPACKINGSLIPJOUR.RECID = 5638792211 --(this is the input from the DB Query used to pull the header info for BarTender, this is just an example of a record)

SALELINE.LINENUM = Text5 --(Field from user input via Bartender)





I'm running BT10,0 SR4 ... soon to be upgraded to 10.1


Any help would be great.  The extent of my VB script knowledge is in using the editor which is nice for the simple stuff but i can't seem to find the commands to use for this one.


Shotaro Ito
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Could you tell me what actually bothers you?

If you have trouble how to receive value from data entry form to VB script,


you could do that in VB Script data source's Event control script - OnPostPrompt event.



Run select SQL in VB Script is described in this topic.


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