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Hi all,


I am using bartender 10.1 SR3 Automation Enterprise Edtition. I would like to ask some questions regarding vb script on below cases referring to my attachment,


My first attachment is a barcode that i created in Bartender.

Second is its data source which contains several seperated data source.


If i want to set the maximum length of my barcode is 40 character, how can i set it using vb script. If more than 40 , a message will prompt up and stop the process.


My third attachment is the prompt message that generated from bartender.


If a data source which suppose only to have 2 digit, but when the user enters 3 digits, can i customise the prompt message. I don't want to let them able to clip and continue,


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


Shotaro Ito
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VBScript CancelPrinting function would help - that has option to not show continue button.

I would check length of object value of Barcode 1.


If Len(Format.Objects("Bar code 1").Value) > 40 then.. etc.



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