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I've built a series of formats in Bartender that utilize VB script to access and filter an Excel database file from a network location, returning data to be printed on a label. These scripts seem to work just fine, and the labels print correctly as intended when using the Print Station.




If I go to modify the format in BarTender, nearly every click of the mouse is met with BarTender attempting to run the script in the background. This isn't so bad for extremely light scripting, but anything with numerous or large functions usually causes BarTender to simply lock up, forcing me to kill the program's process and start over. If I change the location of the Excel file before modifying the absolute path written in the VB script, forget about it. I may as well start a whole new format.


This "feature" has basically made using BarTender a nightmare. 


What I need is a way to prevent scripts from running in the background while the BarTender editor is open. I would prefer if scripts only ran at print time. At the very least, a way to stop the script from processing when it starts. I noticed on my old XP machine that when Bartender was running VB scripts in this manner, an icon would appear in the system tray that you could click to stop the script. This sort of worked, and allowed me to limp along, but we recently swapped to a new Windows 7 machine (which I assumed may fix this problem), and not only does the issue persist, but now that icon has disappeared from the system tray as well.


Honestly, I totally get that BarTender really isn't supposed to be a full-fledged scripting IDE, but for how necessary VB scripting is to make BarTender do what it's supposed to do... it really should be. It should have basic things like Intellisense and descriptive error reporting, it shouldn't delete your entire script because you hit "Cancel" instead of "OK", and it definitely shouldn't just be constantly trying to run these scripts in the background every time you click an object. BarTender is an excellent program, but it needs some hardcore development time on it's VB script implementation.


Any suggestions on how to make this process smoother?




xcentric (Drew)

I am having a similar issue. Why do scripts immediately execute upon entering and exiting the editor? I thought the test script button was supposed to test the script. Not when entering or exiting the editor. Please advise.


Peter Thane

If you only want the scripts to run at specific times then you need to use Event Controlled Script option. I am not 100% sure but I believe the single and multi-line versions run on screen refresh to so will trigger when coming out of the editor.

I have never had this issue when used Event Controlled VB routines.

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