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Would like to apologize for being a noob here as I just started out learning how to use Visual Basic.


I've an excel file that I've used it for my database in BarTender and implemented two values for my template, Value A & Value B.


Value A is to be key-ed in by the user through the data entry form, and value B use the value from value A and match it with the database before producing the result.

It is similar to how vlookup works... where i key in a value to a cell, and vlookup finds the value in the "database" and if there is a matching value, vlookup will look through the same row of that value and return the value of the specific column that i've specified in the formula.

(Sorry for my bad english)


As such i would like to know if it is possible to do a similarity for this situation. I'm aware that i am required to use the OnProcessData function in the object properties for this to work.

An example of my database will be like this...


TIME SLOT         TYPE SLOT            PES

1100                    ADMIN                    A

1200                    OTHERS                 B1

0800                    MEDICAL                B2

1230                    ADMIN                    B3

0830                    MEDICAL                C


My value A in this case will be the table "PES" and my value B will be "TYPE SLOT".

Please help


Ian Cummings
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Seems to me that you just want to connect the document to your database, and then perform a query via a query prompt to print out a label for matching records that the query finds.  See the below training videos:

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