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Hi All ,


Now,I want to linked Radio Button List with Dropdown List in Data Entry Form.

I explain detail my idea like below:

In the Radio Button List,i have 2 value.

For Example:

Radio Button

  • B

Dropdown List,i will connect to excel file.

the Excel file Content is like below:

Column :  A           B

               AA          DD

               BB          EE

               CC          FF

I would like when i choose on Radio Button the value is A => Dropdown will show the data of column A(AA,BB,CC) 

                                                                     the value is B => Dropdown will show the data of colume B(DD,EE,FF)

Anyone have Idea or another way same like that.Please teach me.

Thanks so much.



Ian Cummings
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Unfortunately this is not currently possible in the BarTender data entry form.  Your best bet is to create a front-end application form in eith C# or VB.NET to customise the user experience in terms of data input, and then to control BarTender via automation in order to execute the print job.  See the below white paper for detail on how to go about creating such a front end application.



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