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Stock Size Setup



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    Susan Chen
    Can you advise what printer model and printer driver you are using? Are you using Seagull printer driver? You can check stock size from "Page setup" tab, specify Media Settings and Feed Mode from "Stock tab" setup through driver printing preference.

    You may contact Crystal report if there are settings can be adjusted inside the software and consult with Printer manufacturer for possible causes(sensor adjustment or Label paper quality)

    I would also suggest you download Bartender 9.4 for 30 days trial from web site to give it a try. You can perform adjustment through Bartender File-> Page setup -> "Page" tab and "Layout" tab

    If you encounter problems with Bartender printing and need additional help, you can contact local support office for more personalized assistance for the problems. Support contact information:
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    Legacy Poster
    Despite the settings in the Seagull driver you shouls make sure that the report-size within Crystal Reports is set to the exact same size as the labels being used. Normally Crystal Reports would make reports in standard letter size.

    [quote name='wkfinch' timestamp='1308142753' post='74']
    I have a custom label we are printing through a Crystal Report.

    The document size is 7.12 x 16.50 inches. Direct thermal, mark sensing, tear off.

    When we print through Crystal Reports we get one extra label that comes out. Everything looks good.

    When we print through a vendor's Crystal Report wrapper the pages of the document go from 2 to 36 pages. Can you think what might cause this?


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