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Ghostscript Output Error


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    Ian Cummings
    Ghostscript is often used as a translator of postscript into PDF. As Zebra printers use ZPL print language and not PostScript, any attempt to use Ghostscript with this printer will not work. The Ghostscript software is obviously inserting itself in the spooler mechanism which is why you get the error when spooled, but not when you send the native ZPL print code directly to the printer.

    Here is some information on what Ghostscript is:

    I've not really used Ghostscript myself, so other than uninstalling the Ghostscript software, I'm not sure where you would remove it from your printer driver installations, to stop it from trying to convert your Zebra print jobs. Maybe its a "Print Processor" found under the "Advanced" tab of the printer driver properties. Normally you should use the "WinPrint/RAW" print processor.

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