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Intermec Pd41 Driver



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    Are you sure your printer is properly calibrated to your stock? More often than not, that is the cause of printing off a label, rather than the media size in BarTender. Unless, of course, the page/label size really is wrong in your Page Setup screen. If that's the case, adjust that or get it as close as possible.
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    Shotaro Ito
    Paper size is defined in Printing preferences.
    In Printer and Fax folder, right click the printer icon, select Printing preferences > Page setup tab > Stock > add.
    If you use BarTender, as nRyder say, select "User defined size" and input width and height.
    You can run printer calibration from Right click printer icon > Printer Properties > Tools tab > Action.

    Make sure your sensor setting is right, which can be adjusted from Print dialog's document property > Stock tab.
    (Select proper Media type - Use Label with gaps etc.)

    Often printer's configuration page doesn't care about page length - it's common to overwrap to next page. To check paper size, use BarTender or your standard application for testing (or simply Wordpad.)

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