[Intermec] Installing Fonts/graphics For Faster Printout Follow

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Hi there

Recently, we switched from a different manufacturer to BT10 Enterprise Automation. As printers, we're working with Intermec PF8t upgraded with LAN interface and 300dpi printhead. The drivers are comming from Seagull.

After creating the first labels, everything went fine and the label was printed correct. However, printing a label takes about 4s of time into account. The label contains one QR-Code, 7 Strings which are static for one batch and one string with a unique counter value per label. Additionaly, 3 SVG graphics (CE Label, UL Label, eco-Label) are on the label.

Now, I'd like to install our used truetype fonts on the printer. The idea behind the installation of the fonts is preventing BT sending the TT fonts as bitmap graphics, but the printer will replace the data with the correct fonts. However, installation of the font (one font for each size, weight) is done rapid and easily with the driver. But after installation, the label does not contain any printed string on it. After deleting all the installed fonts on the driver, the label will be printed out fine again.

What configuration do I have to make and will the printout be faster?

Kind regards,
Dominic Suter

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