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Best Practices For Wireless Printers


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    Fernando Ramos Miracle
    1. Could you tell me what Windows OS are you working with? Note that BarTender v10 is compatible with Windows XP SP3 (not SP2 or erlier). For more details on BarTender v10 compatiblitiy please visit the below webpage:

    2. What exact BarTender build are you working with (consult the "Help>About..." dialog)? If you are not running on 2845 please upgrde it by downloading and installing the latest release from the below webpage:

    3. How did you install your Seagull drivers? Did you use our Seagull Driver Wizard or the Windows default wizard? Make sure you install our drivers through our Seagull Driver Wizard.

    4. Do you have any Seagull driver in the system from an older version? Note that our drivers use a number of shared resources and having an older driver might cause issues when working with the latest ones. Make sure that only v7.3.1 drivers are present (upgrade or remove older ones).

    5. Is this issue occurring always with the same printer or with different ones? Is it occurring with the same BarTender document or it's not related with any document in particular?

    6. Is there any event being generated in Windows when the driver spooler gets blocked?

    7. I'm afraid that BarTender is a full Windows application and won't be able to send the print job without using the Windows spooler. In any case there must be a reason for this issue, we only need to find it.

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