Strange Behaviour On Label Formats. Follow


Strange behaviour on label formats.

We’re having some strange behavior on label formats. From the W2K8R2 printer server we are sharing a printer (Toshiba TEC B-EV4-G ) with Seagull 7.3.1 drivers. This
driver is configured with several label formats.

From a terminal server (W2K8R2 with Citrix Xenapp 6.5) users login and the label printer is attached into their sessions. When “user A” is logged in, printer settings for
all users are fine on this terminal server. When “User A” is not logged in, all users are getting 1 label format (USER).

I have no idea what is happening. Please advice where to search. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,




Domingo Rodriguez
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Hello Gert,


With "printer settings" and "1 label format (USER), do you mean the available "Stock Sizes"?


When Terminal Services / Citrix is in use, the driver settings which will be read are the ones stored under the "Advanced > Printing Defaults..." dialog under the printer driver properties dialog. Have you already tried to adding your Stock Sizes via this dialog by selecting the "Page Setup" tab and now creating new "Stock" sizes?


Also, when you design the BarTender documents, are you not saving your printer and stock settings within the document? Do this via the "File > Print" dialog and now by clickin on "Document Properties..." button.

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