Setting A Custom End Of Job User Command Server 2012R2 Print Server Not Retaining Values Follow


Hello, I'm having an issue with the "EasyCoder PX6i (203 dpi) - IPL) version 7.3.4 driver on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Print Server.

We have installed the 32 and 64 bit drivers on the server for the 7.3.4 version.

The driver is using WinPrint/Raw for the print processor

Standard TCP/IP port

Port settings RAW/9100

SNMP is disabled.


We are trying to set a custom "End of Job" User Command in the Advanced Options of the Driver for about 27 InterMec label printers.

Below are the steps we are using:

1. Select the Printer/Properties from the Print Server Print Management snap in.

2. Choose General/Preferences/Page Setup

3. Choose Advanced Options/user Commands

4. Select "End of Job", click the Insert button

5. Choose these three commands ^<STX>^<FF>^<ETX>

6. Click Ok

7. Click Ok again

8. Do the same for the Advanced/Printing Defaults options on the Printer.

9. Exit the Printer's Properties.

10. Go back in to the Printer's Properties to view these settings and they are all gone.


Can we set this globally for the driver on the print server or make it the default setting in the driver for any printer we add?

Any other thoughts as to how we can get the changes to stick and stop them from disappearing?



Don K




Shotaro Ito
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Hi Don,

Settings can be exported / imported from Driver property > Tools > Driver options.


SSDAL.exe utility included in seagull driver has import / export command line option.


Also you could create your Defailt.sds file for newly installed seagull printer.

This post might helps.


Note that the End of job command (^<STX>^<FF>^<ETX>) only works with EasyCoder Printers, so don't import the settings to incompatible printers. 

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