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Yeah, the title sounds weird...Here are the details.


Windows 7 computer with a Zebra 105SL printer using 4"x6" labels being used with BarTender and UPS World Ship. The printer is printing the labels at four times the normal size, so the upper left quarter of the label is zoomed to fill the 4"x6" label. It is as if it thinks it is printing to a letter sized page and is zooming the image to fit.


So far, I have restarted computer and printer several times, uninstalled and reinstalled printer drivers, updated printer drivers to use the one provided by SeaGull, used a different USB port and printer cable. All settings in program and driver are set to a 4"x6" paper size.


This is a new problem, as it has worked in the past. The user reports no changes in setup.


Any thoughts? I am out of ideas...


Thanks in advance.


Shotaro Ito
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Sounds like the user have installed wrong driver with different resolution, such as install 300 dpi driver to 203 dpi printer etc (or 150dpi). Check the printer model and resolution again.

(It's a bit weird since it was working before, however that is one thing came to my mind.)

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