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I'm using label printer Xprinter XP-360B (TSPL programming language) for POS application called SambaPOS, Xprinter XP-360B is using driver provided by Seagull Scientific.
I need to know the command for New Line or Line Break or Line Feed in TSPL programming language for my printer (\[L] or \[R] or \[N] wouldn't work!). Because I'm trying to print multi-line text, but it's overlapped. The text printed on the label should be listed down as seen on the receipt paper. I did some research on TSC label printer brand, but no use on Xprinter. Please do help. All images below are only shown to registered user and need to be saved in order to view the full resolution (Click image button > Click Save button).
Here is my template list screenshot:
And last, here is the output print via notepad instead of the label printer:
I tried using BLOCK feature, but still no result. Does BLOCK command is supported for my printer (Xprinter XP-360B)? Or is there any similar command to solve this? Here is the BLOCK command according to TSC printers guide (in TSPL programming language):
[attachment=2276:Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.17.49 PM.png]


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Have you tried asking TSC printer's themselves as you're not really using our printer drivers to generate the printer code, but by using it as a pass-through device?

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