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I have a strang problem when printing with WPS


I have a label that uses two data entry fields which map to two Named Data Sources that represent a FromNo and ToNo number. I use a third Named Data Source (ContainerNumber) that gets the "FromNo" value entered and formats the number with leading zeros in a VB script as a source. This ContainerNumber number is then serialized up to the quantity (ToNo - FromNo + 1) required.


Works fine on the first print, but the users often need to adjust another field on the data form and print extra labels with a a different from-to range. (Print 1-10 labels with 5kg and then print numbers 11-12 with 2kg). On the second print the ContainerNumber does not update. Print again and it does.


Any suggestions? Is there a way to refresh the named data sources pre serialisation?





EDIT: Found that if i add a small text object with the container number in the footer on the label the issue goes away. I should also add that the number is being used in a barcode indirectly that is concatenated with another number and formatted via VB script before display...


Update 2: Resolved this issue by changing the Named Data Source to handle all formatting that was in the barcode vb script and simple linking the barcode to the NDS directly.

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