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How can I set up a Print Time Query Prompt that will allow me to browse a key field and choose several records, while also allowing me to set the quantity? I have several thousand records, so just going down the records can be tedious for personnel. I want to be able to type the beginning of the key field data and have it jump to the records that start with the information that I am typing so that I can select it. I am printing more than one record on the same label sheet, using the same label .btw file. This can be done in LabelView, but I really want to have this work in BarTender since we are migrating all labels away from LabelView. Thank you in advance.


Ian Cummings
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For query prompt BarTender currently supports only a text input box form control. This prompt will appear on its own, the query will then run displaying the results in the record print selection dialog if configured to be shown. From here the user can then select specific records changing print quantities as required.

When you set-up query choose the field to search on, the "Begins with" operator and then create and select a query prompt for the criteria value.

Unfortunately at this time BarTender doesn't offer a consolidated query prompt and record selection window with an "active search" behaviour. For this sort of functionality you will need to build your own front-end application to act as the input form using something like Visual Basic and then control BarTender via automation.

Please see the below training video for general help on connecting to a database:

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