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I need to know if it is possible and how to record the elements I have printed and encoded (in an excel sheet for example).


I print and encode serialized data in RFID labels using an excel database but sometimes it can happen that a serie has not been printed completely: for example if my computer or printer restarts while the printing job is in progress, the printing job will restart from zero. I will have duplicates of the labels that have been printed before the restart.


My goal is to make the printer log all encoded data in order then to see if some data has been printed/encoded twice, or is missing, and then to compare to my source database.


Thank you in advance for your help.




Ian Cummings
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Have you looked into the BarTender System Database (BTSDB) available with the automation editions that allow you to record the full amount of print job data, and also facilitates reprinting if necessary?  See in the below white paper from page 31 onwards:

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