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Printing Printer Code


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    Hi Sandy,

    BarTender has an option 'Print to File' located on the Print dialog. When you print, a dialog will appear asking for you to save it as a prn file containing printer code. Just make sure that your Zebra printer is selected before you print, and you'll get ZPL code. Take a look at the attached screenshots.

    The following is from BarTender's help document:
    [b]Printing to a File[/b]

    The Print to File option, found on the Print dialog, allows you to save a print job to a file in the printer's language, rather than directly to a printer. Printing to a file can be useful, especially in the following situations:

    To save the print output data in order to print your items at a later time.

    To print your items from another computer.

    To view or edit the print output data for various purposes.

    When the Print to File option is selected, BarTender displays a Print to File dialog at print-time that allows you to specify a path and file name for your print data.

    Hope this helps!

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