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We have a web application which is used to print barcodes, using Bartender v9.4.

Everything works fine as long as we are printing to a network printer visible to the web server and the Bartender license server.

We would like to be able to print to a barcode printer connected directly to the user's computer, instead of configuring all the barcode printers as network printers, since not all the barcode printers have a network interface.

Is it possible to configure Bartender in a web environment to print to a local printer, possibly if the Bartender application is installed on the client computer?



Susan Chen
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Hi, Belgie:

You can reference our Web Print Server information
and white paper for more details. BarTender Web Print Server supports three different methods of printing: Standard Window
Printing, Internet Printing (which has two variants: Queue-based and Direct-to-port), and
PDF Printing. You can print to a local printer or shared printer or TCP/IP printer.

Web Print Server is available at Enterprise Automation.You can try the demo to have a better feel of Web Print Server

Hope it helps. Thanks!

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