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Hi there,


 We have recently moved to a new Domain server and as such our printer now has a new name.


We use scripts to print front and back labels on this printer, with the back labels having to be flipped 180°.


Since the move the scripts don't work for the back labels as the document properties that were set when the printer was on the old server have now reverted back to default.


Is there any way we could automatically change the Document Properties? As we now have around 500 back labels it will be quite a task to manually change each and every one.





Adrien Pierret
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There is no external control to modify a BarTender document as we use a proprietary binary code for the documents that cannot be altered from outside BarTender. You can use VB Scripting to move existing objects within a document but not change the document's settings. 


You can either set the setting correctly in the driver and, if this is a Seagull driver, force it to take precedence over the settings in the BarTender document. 


Otherwise, you will need to make the change in each document individually. 


Let me now if you have any questions.



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