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We have the enterprise automation edition and print to about 80 different printers.  We use Commander to monitor for a text file that has the keys for Bartender to do a database query and print the label.


Every once in a while, we get reports that no one can print.  Commander continues to process the text files fine but when we hit the stop detection button, we get the dialog that tells us that Bartender has not finished all submitted jobs (see attached).  The count never goes down and we're forced to stop processing the jobs and loose all the labels.  Once we start commander detecting again, all is good and printing works.


Is there any way to figure out what is causing this to happen?  I don't see anything in history explorer.





Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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If you look in your Windows event viewer, are you seeing any issues related to the Windows Print Spooler or something like that?  

Legacy Poster
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Thanks for the reply.  We are seeing some weirdness in the windows application error log:

The first message was:

The Line Printer Remote (LPR) print monitor failed to open the port named llumc:p01814.  This can occur if the server name for this port is incorrect. Printing to this port will fail until the problem is resolved.


Then we got a whole bunch of messages like this:


The document originally used for printing differs from the copy on the file system. 
On the system error log, we found a message:
Port: llumc:p01814    Printer: llumc-test
Error: Attempt to access invalid address.
Caught in [lmOpenPortEx2W]
MiniDump File: C:\ProgramData\Seagull\Drivers\Dump\sscrash_0015.dmp
Could this dump file be causing the lockup?


Domingo Rodriguez
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What exact version and build of BarTender are you using?


What printer make and model is this which is working using LPR protocol? What version of the Seagull printer driver have you installed for this printer?

Could you try using RAW instead as an alternative and let us know if the issues continue?


Yes, the driver is definitely crashing and will make BarTender not able to process the pending print jobs. Let's see if using RAW protocol instead of LPR will help. You can change this via the printer properties dialog, and now under the "Ports" tab by clicking the "Configure Port..." button.

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