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I recently opened up a label saved in version 9.3 and attempted to print the label with version 10.0 SR4. When the label printed it printed at a degraded resolution. Almost appearing to be 72 DPI. I have found that printing via print preview allows the print to look correct (600 DPI) or using the zoom tool will improve the graphic quality. I have also found that zooming out of the label will degrade the print quality. I have found that this only occurs with a label that was previously saved with version 9.3. Labels created in 10.0 SR4 appear to work correctly.



+ I only see this happen on one label that was created in version 9.3. Although I have others telling me they have other labels with this problem.

+ Resaving this label as a 10.0 label appears to have no effect.

+ Labels created in 10.0 SR4 do no reflect this issue and appear to be agnostic to print preview or zoom functionality when printing..

+ This is not an imported graphic issue as simple label text also exhibits the issue.


Is this a known issue between 9.3 and 10.0 SR4?


Shotaro Ito
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Is it possible for you try on the latest BarTender 10.1SR4? (note that installing 10.1SR4 will uninsatall 10.0SR4, and 10.1 license code is different from 10.0)

If that's still problem, please attach the document from [More Reply Options] or contact to regional support.

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