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I am new to BarTender and in the absence of the workplace IT guy, I have been tasked with the set up of the tag printer. I have been reading and watching tutorials etc but no solution found yet.


I am using BarTender 10.1 Automation coupled to Datamax O'Neill I-Class Mark II printer.


I have a template with many objects that are filled via data entry form at print time, they are working fine so no problem there.


Please see attachment photos.

One of my template objects is linked to database field (excel document). This data field has 8 records (excel rows) and when I select to print one copy of each record (so 8 tags) it ONLY ever prints one record. For example I can select any record and chose how many copies of said record and it will print that fine, I can select just record 6 and it will print that, I can select 10 copies of record 6 and it will print that. But all I want to do is print one copy of all records (so 8 tags) and all it ever does is print one record...the first one (photo attachment 0090.jpg)


I have tried many print options but nothing is working. It is like my printer is having trouble printing more than one tag from record selection, Is this a driver issue perhaps?


Any help much appreciated





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Nevermind....I have just discovered the page setup templates tab.

My template was in the "Start of job" folder instead of "Primary"

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