Error Message When Setting Number Of Labels From Database Value Follow



I'm currently trialing Bartender and have installed version 2016 R2 Professional.

I've created a form which I want to use to print labels for items received into our warehouse.

The form contains a query prompt in which the user will enter the PO Receipt. The PO receipt table contains the number of labels to print for each item.


Problem I have is that when trying to preview the form I get an error message:

"No items printed because zero copies were requested from the database file"


It is showing me this error right after I click 'preview' and before I get a chance to select the PO Receipt I want to print.

Is there a way to have the label qty query surpressed until I've chosen a PO receipt?



Ian Cummings
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Have you linked the query prompt to a data entry form control on the form?  Are you also using a record picker form control for selecting the records?  Are you data sourcing the number of copies to print?  It would need to have an integer value of at least 1.  You could also use a form control to specify the print quantity per record if you want.

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