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Problem with two Data Entry Fields on same template


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    Peter Thane

    There a couple of ways how you can link the two fields and the simplest options are, after add the Data Entry form box and linking that to say the Text object:

    1. Named Data Sources
    2. Object Method

    For the Named route:

    • Go in the Properties of the Text box and click on the Change Data Source Name button and give the text field a name
    • Next click on the barcode and, if made up of more than one substring, click on the desired substring and press the same button as before and now on the new screen you should see the name you used above. When you click on that and press Ok those two fields are now linked together.


    One drawback to this option is that whatever you do to one field also is matched in the other and say in the barcode the field had to be 8 characters long but the text not then you could not setup padding in the barcode object without it being repeated in the text.

    Object Method option:

    • Click on the text item and at the bottom of the screen you should see an Object Name, remember this.
    • Now select the barcode and if applicable the substring that this applies to and change the Type to Object Value and then select the Object Name noted from above. 

    Now the two fields are linked but you are able to amend the format of the barcode item without effecting that of the text object. This can be especially useful for dates in barcodes where they often need to be displayed in YYMMDD format whilst text dates could be printed differently, eg 240228 and 28th February 2024.

    In the image below the top barcode is linked via the name and the bottom via Object and I have also made the latter a minimum of 8 characters, padding it with leading zeros

    I hope this helps




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