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Alexandre Dubois

Good afternoon,

I am Alexandre from Belgium and I have been using Bartender only for a couple of weeks. I have tried hard to make it this way...

I request your help for the serialization of a number connected to a excel database which I want to serialize.

I connect the bartender to an excel file in Vbscript with “On new record” to raise the number by “3” and “on process data” to update the number in yellow above.

The number In yellow above is updated “on process data” after the user chose the number of material through an application form.

I want to print out 3 labels two times but with a serialization.

It’s not going well. The serialization takes the number in yellow, already written down when opening the file and then serialize. It doesn’t take the number taken in the excel file at first for serializing it.

My request for help to you: how can I force Bartender through Vbscript or else to take in an excel file and serialize from this number?

Attached are the files, just for you to understand and see the code if you wish.

Thanks a lot… I am really stuck here…

Have a nice evening!



Brandon Morrisey
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I think you can use the built in serialization features of BarTender to handle the serialization in this situation, this can be found in the transforms section for the properties of the data source next to the VB script transforms in newer versions of BarTender.

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