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I'm creating a shipping label, and I have a ship to address field on the label. I used a multi-line textbox and added each different field. I use a carriage return where needed to properly format the address. My issue is that not all fields are always filled out. The address line 2 and attention to fields are not required fields for instance. I would like to shift everything up so as to not leave a space when this is the case.

So far, I've tried adding the carriage return as it's own data source on the textbox, and try to suppress it when the previous data source is null, but that doesn't work. My empty line still shows up.


I'm running Bartender Designer 2016 R3, Enterprise Automation Version, on Windows Server 2012 R2 x64


Brandon Morrisey
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You would want to suppress the data when the address line 2 and attention fields are empty and do not have data to show, you will also want to suppress the corresponding carriage return for those fields.

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