Empty labels in between every printed - one DB entry only, rest fine Follow

Jonas Van Garsse

We use a web-based program called Imotic to summon a certain Bartender template on the server, and fill the variables stored on this template with SAP data. Which SAP data depends solely on the item number for which the labels are requested. Prints are sent to an Ethernet connected CAB XC4 printer.

Next to the label design area of the template, we've got serialization running (text field with number "0001", incrementing by one for every identical print). The serial number is used as a named substring in a data matrix on the design area, containing VB code. Depending on the item number the data matrix will print or not.

For every item tested so far (>300), the printer will print all labels of one print job one after the other. Some of them will have a Data matrix, others not, but all of them show this expected behavior.

Only when printing this template for one item number, the printer leaves 2 to 3 empty labels in between every printed one. On the whole template there is not a single reference to this item number to let it act differently. When I delete the serialized text field and print the template for this item, all works well (printing one after the other). The serialized text field also bears no reference to this item number...

Can anyone explain this and suggest how I can avoid this issue?

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