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Chase Hollingsead

I have a .csv file that has several URLs in them and I would like Bartender to be able to iterate through that list, and be able to create and print a new QR for each URL in the .csv file. Is this something that I would set up in the template under the QR Properties? Or is this a situation where I would have to use a BTXML script?

I already have a .btw file that has the QR in it as well as a border around the QR, so essentially every time that Bartender prints, the QR needs to be generated the next URL in sequence from the .csv file.


Gene Henson
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You'll want to create a database connection to your CSV file in BarTender. Once connected, you'll be able to "link" the QR code in BarTender to the URL field in your CSV file. This will result in BarTender creating a new QR code for each record in the database. 

Here's a KB article on using databases in BarTender:


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