Bartender 9.4 SR3 won't start after Windows 10 anniversary update Follow


The program was working fine in Windows 10. After the anniversary update, it won't start at all. No errors, just nothing happens when you try to start it up. I tried the usual steps of starting the program in Windows 7 compatibility mode and running as administrator with the same result. Has anyone had any luck getting 9.4 running in the latest version of Windows 10? I used Windows 10 recovery to roll back the update and it's working fine that way.


Jasper Wen
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Unfortunately, BarTender version 9.4 is no longer supported and is not certified compatible with Windows 10. Only versions 10.1 and higher are certified compatible with Windows 10.

You may also want to check if you are running into the Windows update printing issue here, as this occurred when the Windows 10 anniversary update came out.

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