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Rich Lew

my company just installed Bartender 2016 last month.  I created a label and a file integration (upload a csv to a directory -> rename file-> get labels).  this was working and is still working today.  I cannot find the integration file (BTIN file type).  could this be defined somewhere else?  I do not remember where I set what up.  there are no recent files under Integration Builder.  any help is appreciated, thanks.


James Sharp
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Hi Rich,

It sounds like you published the integration, which basically turns the .btin file into a data file stored in the Windows Application Data location. There is no tool to convert these data files back into a .btin.

The original .btin file is not destroyed in this process but unless you saved it, it's gone when you close the Integration Builder. Like a label file there is no set directory where .btin files have to be saved to, but they will default to "C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\BarTender\Integrations" if nothing else is selected.

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