Commander Failing Polling NetApp Network Share Follow

Nock, Adrian

I'm currently using an Excel application on a Windows 7 client create a file on a NetApp network share which is then being picked up by Commander and then is printed using a Commander Script.

The steps are:

- Excel Application creates a data file with '.csv' extension on NetApp share
- On completion of writing data file Excel Application changes file extension from '.csv' to ' .txt'
- Commander polls NetApp share every second for '.txt' file and changes extension to '.dat'
- Commander sends a commander to Bartender
- Bartender Prints and deletes '.dat' file from NetApp share

This process has been working well until the NetApp was upgraded to a newer hardware and OS. Now the files are being detected and renamed, but BarTender Command is being generated. ie the log just has the [Task Name] and [Date/Time] entries.

The process is been partially resolved by changing the Polling to every 10 seconds, but this still produces many failures.

I have followed the Commander troubleshooting guide, but this has not resolve the issue

BartendervVersion being used is Automation v10.1 SR4

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