Bartender 11.0 R3 doesn't let me select records from excel database Follow

Altan Alansu


My windows is : Win 10 x64

Bartender version Bar.Tender11.0.3.3094  x86

I am facing with a problem while selecting records from excel database(in my computer) on print window. On the below printing screen when I try to press select records button, the program just closes the page, and doesn't let me select the records from excel database. The excel database connection is working, I can select fields and put them on the design of the label. Any help would be appreciated.

I also tried to run bartend.exe on administrative mode which is under C:\Program Files (x86). This time when I try to open my label design file .btw the program doesn't open and crashes giving me an error like " there was a problem sending the command to the program"

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