Static objects are not printed on the label Follow

Michelle Manaig

We have this intermittent issue wherein the static objects on the label are not being printed. We've checked the logs but there's no error logged during the period the label was printed. We also tried to enable the printer logging to see the actual data sent to the printer but it's complete, we tried to print the .prn file created by sending it directly to the printer but the objects are printed.

The affected printers are all Zebra 170Xi4 with printer driver version 7.4.. when we first experience this issue the latest driver version is 7.4 and based on some forums I should try updating it but it looks like it didn't help

Bartender version is 9.4 SR3, Build 2781 running in Windows 2008 server. Label printing is thru Commander running as service.

We're running out of troubleshooting ideas now, please help


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