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I am new to BarTender and I'm trying to get my head around the Librarian product.  I have my server set up with the system database and Librarian loaded just fine, but I'm trying to figure out how to get clients to connect to the server librarian instance. 

After fighting a while with getting my local instance to connect to the Server System Database (I found a help file that uses the /silent parameter) my local client now points to the server, however, when I open Librarian, it has a completely separate list of folders and does not appear to be sync'd with the server librarian instance.  My assumption is for Librarian to work correctly, everyone should be using the same instance of Librarian, but I can't seem to get the two connected.  Any help is appreciated.


Trey Holst
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I found the issue.  I had two system databases, one on the main SQL instance and one in a BarTender instance.  I have connected the client to the same instance that the server is logged into and now the folders are sync'd.

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