Conditionally printing a field on a Label Follow


Here my challenge...

We only print MSRP price on a select group of SKU, I would like to add an input field on a form, either a list box or Text input box  that the user can enter a Y or N.

On the label template,  the field that I want to conditionally print on the Transforms TAB  under VB Script  

I assume the following Script


If "text Input box"  = "Y' 

Clear the MSRP  field


Print the MSRP field


My question is how do I reference the text input box in the Script ?

can I use that field in a script





Chris Percival
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Hi Steve,

Don't know if you even still have this problem, a good solution in my experience would be to create copy template  (at bottom of design area there are tabs, right click existing template tab, copy then paste in empty space).  Add MRSP box to second template.  Create data source called MRSP and then on form create radio button with options YES and NO, link it to data source MRSP.  Right click template tab with MRSP box, choose properties, in bottom left of properties box is text box labelled 'print when:'. Click the icon at the right end of the text box, select radio button labelled: 'conditionally based on data source'.  Drop down and choose MRSP, in operator box choose 'equal' and in value box write YES.  For the other template, do the same but in the value box write NO.   This means only one or the other will ever be printed, based on radio button selected on form

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