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Hi there

I'm evaluating BarTender using virtual machines. While it runs perfectly fine on one VM hosted using hyper-v. I run into issue with word processor on another VM on a Mac using Parallel Desktop.

When I insert the text object word processor onto a template, a vertical line would appear on the left hand side of the object (see screenshot below). The vertical line would appear on print preview as well. I can't see there is any way of getting rid of it.

When I view the same template using another VM, that vertical isn't appearing.

I'm using latest version of BarTender Automation Trial and running Windows 10 Pro using Parallel Desktop 13.

Any idea?



Shotaro Ito
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There might be related to High DPI setting on Windows - Try disable high dpi setting (set font scaling to 100%)

Tony Ng
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Hi Shotaro You're are right. Works fine by disabling the high DPI setting. Thanks.

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