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Jim Mason

I need a little help with VBscript and OnSerialize. I am logging the serial number of e.g. 3 labels by appending the serial number to a text file within the onserialize procedure. I print 3 labels but I get four entries in the file, the correct 3 e.g. 35,36,37 then I get 38 as well, even though only 35,36,37 are correctly printed. Anybody have ideas why?


Pete Thane
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I think it will be happening as BarTender is incrementng the field so that it has the correct starting value for the next print run.

Have you tried adjusting the code and placing it in the Identical Copies option instead as it sounds like it prints then increments as part of the print action?

Sorry I haven't got any "write" VB code I can use simply to test this but I know sometimes previously what seemed like the most logical Event to use wasn't in the end.


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