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Hi Folks,
Lots of discussion around this topic, but not the answers I can apply to my situation so far.

I am pulling data from 2 mysql views. The common key is the sales order number. 1 view gets a single header record. The second view can bring back from 1 to 999 sales order line item records.

I wish to print multiple line item detail fields on a page, as if creating a report. When I run out of room on the page, I need additional pages, until all of the line items are used up. The same 'header' info repeats from page to page, with the exception of the page number.

I thought about using additional 'forms' but that would mean creating up to 100 forms, to handle 999 line items... doesn't make sense to go this route.

Saw some suggestions regarding using vbscript to control which 'line item' to work with, but saw nothing that seemed to make sense for paging, or seemed to make sense to be able to have multiple fields printed as part of a line. Those same suggestions used commands to get the detail info from the external mysql tables, as needed, rather than creating the template with multiple data sources. Maybe not a bad idea, rather than joining the 2 views at record selection time.

In the past, we did all of this by having the ERP system create flat files or xml files, counting the number of lines to pass with each call, until all of the lines were used up. The data would be formatted, and passed to a single field on the template. This means that there was no way to control the formatting of the part number separate from the unit price, etc.

We have lots of other ways to make use of BT 'reporting', too, such as inventory location pull sheets, inventory on hand reports, etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hopefully I am not messing up the works by posting this in the forum, while I also posted in the ticketing system.




Jasper Wen
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It sounds like you are trying to create a packing slip/invoice/report type label with headers/footers. For this setup, you will need to use BarTender's page template feature. You can refer to our white paper Creating Headers and Footers for how this feature works.

Essentially, you would want to do the following to setup your BarTender document and page setup:

  1. Under file->page setup->page tab set the following:
    • Set the page size and orientation
    • Enable page template option - You should new see a "page template" tab at the bottom of BarTender designer. This design area is where you can add content elements to each page of your printed document.
  2. Under the file->page setup->layout tab set the following:
    • Set the number of rows and columns accordingly to number of records from the database that is needed per page and line items.
    • Set the margins accordingly for page template design and area to be printed on each page such as top and bottom margins for the header and footer.
    • Set template size accordingly to the space for each line item in the list. Set the gap/pitch accordingly to how much space you want between line items.

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