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David Han

I've been been trying for a week but can't figure it out.

I have Bartender Version 11 Automation Version and a Mettler Toledo PS60

I have a database using Excel

What I'm trying to do - 

I have a database of Price per Lb of items

I am trying to get weight captured from scale * price for that item from database = total price printed on label

that total price price checked for random weight EAN 13 barcode (7th digit) calculated and total 12 digit barcode Checkdigit calculated

When I'm trying to show a field to do price * weight, its showing me that it is a mismatch and I can't multiply the weight by the price 

I've seen at another store , they just click the item in database, throw on the item and bartender captures weight and prints a sticker with barcode already figured out. I just can't figure out how to do this can anyone please help me, I have very little VB skill.


Thank you


Pete Thane
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This forum post may help

I haven't had a chance to reply to the last question yet.

Is the weight coming through showing the "Lb" in which case you may need to strip that off first to just leave a number field?



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