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I want to have a custom action which does property file configuration after the program has been installed. I have been testing this idea by adding a Visual Basic script custom action to/after the install. The script is very simple, it displays a MsgBox with the results of Session.Property("CustomActionData"). This seems okay. I have several related questions.1) What version of Visual Basic is this? We have Advanced Installer version 6.0.1. I have copied code from sample Visual Basic 2005 files which does NOT work/compile in the vbs scripts. Where is the documentation for this version of Visual Basic? I saw one message which says Advanced Installed does not use the Windows Script Host. What does it use? 2) How do I find documentation on Session? I copied the Session.Property("CustomActionData") from one of the forum questions, but I don’t see documentation on Session. What other functions exist on Session that I can call?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Infographic Video Studio

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Not sure what you actually after.

BarTender has Visual Basic Scripting Edition embedded into it and not a full version of VB and this gets installed automatically when you install the labeling software. The VB commands in BarTender are connected to fields and action undertaken whilst printing labels and not on installation and so I think you may have posted your query in the wrong forum.




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