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Christopher Purl

I'm having an issue checking the data for text input fields in the data entry page as they relate to the actual label.

Like, I have a text input field called TagNumberInput

but if I say

If Format.Objects("TagNumberInput").Value = "" then

It gives me an error and says that that operation is not available.
Am just using improper syntax, or is there a different way entirely to access the text input fields to make determinations for data entry values?


Pete Thane
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Hi Christopher,

I believe it is you are calling the Object and not the Named sub-string.

Here is my VB which populates a text string after a Data Entry/Prompt value has been entered


Value = "Hello"
If Format.NamedSubStrings("TagNumberInput").Value = "" then
Value = "Nowt there"
else Value = "Summat there"
end if

Value = Value


This is set as an Event Controlled Script > Post Prompt so that it is processed after the value has been entered into the TagNumberInput text field.


Christopher Purl
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Thank you for your reply!

Didn't realize I needed to bridge the template data with the label output by using a named data source.

That looks like it solved it!

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