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Chris Bevins

Hi All,

I am working on a template for doors, 

There is a serialized barcode that prints to copies. I would like the first copy to have door, and the second to have box. Is there a way to set this up so that it alternates and each of the barcodes with the same number get both?


Pete Thane
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You could add a new template tot he label from the button to the bottom and then copy and paste all the fields across from Template1 to Template2.

For any none fixed field that has variable data that both labels would need to use, such as your serial number, on Template1 give this field a name (via the Change Data Source Name button on the Data Source tab for that field) and in Template2 use the same button to link the matching field to the name just given. 

Obviously the "Door" field on T1 does not need naming but just needs changing on T2 to "Box".

At print time you well then receive a pair of almost identical whenever you print for each value set in the number of serialised labels on the Print screen.


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