Local accounts created during installation Follow


I assume these accounts were created to facilitate some functionality. 


My question is what functionality are they enabling and what would be broken if I disabled them?

Having even local user accounts is a potential security issue at my organization, so I need a firm understanding of why there are needed if they are going to be allowed to hand around.




Peter Thane
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Unless you specify the account to use at the time that you install the software, various of the apps will just run under the local system account and obtain their permissions etc, from there.

BarTender Secuity is connected to Admin Console and the Security settings you have chosen in there whilst Printer Maestro is connected with the app of the same name, which, if enabled, can be used to monitor printer activity etc.

Lasse Tastesen
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Hi Samuel

Did you ever find an answer to this?

Would like to remove these as well.. what kind of software creates accounts during installation and makes them member of local administrators these days. And nothing descriped about these in the documentation.


best regards


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