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Can Integration Builder skip records?



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    Peter Thane

    Hi Matt,

    There is a setting in IB for what record to start with but I am not sure if that is still there when using a script file and data.

    I haven't been involved with any new integrations that use the script and data method, as alot of the variables can now be set in the data string when using Integration Builder. For similar files using the old Commander Script you could include a /R=  setting (I believe it was) which would tell BarTender/Commander which line number to start with for the data but I am guessing from your comments there is no way to add such a command in your file.

    Not tried this but could you use a bit of VB to look for a specific value what would only appear in your filler row and if it it does set the Copies value to 0 for the label? That would throw up an error message (3602) and so you may have to turn off the dialogue off which may mean the rest prints correctly. As I said I have not tried this so I am not sure if it will work or not.


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    Matthew Green

    Yes, the /R is the row of the file where the data starts but I am unable to change it.   The software that is creating the data files is just doing it incorrectly and I am unable to modify that programming.

    To resolve this issue, I ended up adding a Search and Replace action before the Print command the looks for that extra header row and removes it.   

    Not glorious, but it worked.  *laugh*     

    The weird thing is that I created a filter in the label (btw) file itself.    Which I would have expected the Integration process to honor.   If I print from Bartender itself the filter works just fine but running it through the Integration service that filter is ignored.




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