Let's bartender designs which .btw file to print Follow



May I know how to use Bartender to control which file to print? 
I got an excel storing all the product data, and I want Bartender to design which file
to print according to the value of specific field in excel.

Let's say I got Field A, B ,C in excel, 

If Field A is empty, print file A,
If Field B is empty, print file B,
If Field C is empty, print file C,
If they are all empty, print file D.

Any suggestions are appreciated. 


Pete Thane
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Without using ActiveX type commands or Integration Builder then you will need to make a combined label format and either use multiple layers or (probably simpler) multiple templates and configure Conditional Printing.To do this:

  • Create your Print File A and then click on the Insert Template tab at the bottom of the BarTender screen
  • Select the new template and create your Print File B
  • Repeat this process for Print Files C and D. You can right right click on a template name at the bottom and rename it if required to Print File A etc if that helps
  • Next you need to set up the conditional printing and the simplest way to do this is to go to the Page Setup at the top of the screen and select the Templates tab.
  • In the Item Templates list you should see the list of your templates, select one of these and a new Print When filed and button should appear on the screen, click on the button to open the "When to Print" screen and configure the settings as appropriate (I am guessing you will need to use the "Conditionally, based on Data Source" option and scroll down to the appropriate field that needs to be empty.
  • Setup this process for A B and C but for D you will need to use the Conditionally based on expression and add in the same 3 commands used for A B and C (note the Plus button next to the red OR in the window as you will need to use this to add multiple lines)

I hope this helps


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