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Brian Chaikin

I have a bartender project for printing labels on sheets that have 50 labels.  There is a sequel table that has three records with 3 different quantites.  Quantities are  Item A - 300, Item B - 150, and Item C - 200


For the printing options, I am telling bartender the quantity is the field in the table that stores the quantity.  When i preview print, it says there are 13 pages to print which is correct. I get 6 pages of Item A, 3 Pages of Item B, and 4 pages of Item C in the order of the items


When i physically print, i get 18 pages.  1 page of Item A, 1 page of Item B, and 1 page of Item C.  this repeats 6 times until i get to 18 pages..


Any suggestions why this happens?


I am using version 10.1

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