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First of all, I am using Bartender 2016 R5 (Automation License). I want to make a print station template where the user can select a certain PDF document (the documents are stored in a sever) from a list to print (a4 size). 


The user can search for the PDF document instead of going through a list.

Is there such a feature that can allow me to do this? 

Apologies, if posted in the wrong section.





Peter Thane
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(just an aside R8 is the latest version so I would suggest you may want to upgrade to that release when you get a chance.)

I do not believe you can print PDFs directly from Print Station but you could create a BarTender label and make it just one big picture/graphic/image and make it an External Picture File and use the Set By Data Source Option. Then you could do one of these of options but include adding Transforms>Suffix .PDF to the Data Source and point the Default Path to the location of where the PDFs are stored:

  1. Make it an Embedded Data Source and then link this to a Data Entry Form box into which the users have to type the name of the PDF to print (excluding the file extension) and so a Print Time the operators just type in the name of the file..
  2. Or if the file names are too long or to (kind of) allow for the search method, make the field a Database field and create a simple database with all the names of the PDF in it and add a Record Browser to a Data Entry Form and so at print time this would allow the users to scroll through file names and find the one they want to print

I hope this helps


Sagar Patil
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Thank you! This was exactly what I was looking for. 

Thank you again for your help!

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